Friends of Woodstock Public Library

The Friends of Woodstock Public Library were formed in 1983 to support the library through fundraising, special programs, and volunteering. The highlight of the year is the Friends' Mini-Links event when the Friends transform the library into a mini-golf course. The Friends' September Fall Plant Sale also is a major fundraiser for the friends. Through these fundraising efforts the Friends have donated over $170,000 in gifts.

Spotlight on Friend’s Gifts
The Friends have presented the library with generous gifts for such things as the large-screen monitor at the Front Desk that is used to promote upcoming programs and services, public scanner station, a assistive walker for patrons, a CD/DVD buffer and the Modern Scholar lectures on CD. The Friends have paid for most of the Activity Kit backpacks in the Children’s area, the bean bags in the Young Adult Area, and the Kindle Fires that are available for check-out. The Friends also pay for the monthly maintenance costs for the library's 390-gallon salt water aquarium. 

MiniLinks Golf Equipment Rental

The Friends of Woodstock Public Library has been holding successful golf fundraisers at the Woodstock Public Library since 2009.  Always held in the middle of March, the event includes:

18-hole mini golf course that weaves throughout the three floors of the library
Raffle Prizes & Refreshments
Lots of fun

During other times of the year the Friends make their ‘golf course’ available for rent to non-profit and profit organizations. If you are interested in learning more about the MiniLinks Golf Equipment Rental please refer the PDF attached to the bottom of the page.

To Join The Friends
Fill out and mail in the attached (below) Membership Form or bring it to the front desk at the library. The Friends are in need of members to serve on their board - - help shape what the next fundraiser will look like!

Annual Friends Membership Fees:

  $5 student
        $10 individual
        $20 family/supporting
        $100 lifetime


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